I-CARD generates data on the evolving humanitarian situation across different localities – with a specific focus on vulnerable groups – following the Covid-19 pandemic & lock-down. The data are presented on one common platform (dashboard) to enable comparisons across issues and localities, updated fortnightly to gauge dynamics over time. I-CARD data can support Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), government agencies, media and funders to focus on specific humanitarian issues & geographical areas for crafting strategy. I-CARD invites interested individuals and organisations to get in touch for more details. 

A. Food & Water    B. Health     C. Finances      

D. Livelihood     E. Community     F. Migrants   


Bihar     Chhattisgarh     Jharkhand     Madhya Pradesh

Maharashtra   Odisha    Rajasthan  Uttar Pradesh    West-Bengal


  • Block as a unit of data collection

  • Frequent (fortnightly) collection

  • Block Experts (BE) as Respondents

  • Qualitative information from BEs converted to a three point scale

Emerging Patterns from the field

I-CARD summarises findings across issues and localities at regular intervals. I-CARD can also generate need-based analysis and reports for interested CSOs and funding agencies.

515+ blocks across Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, MP, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, UP and West Bengal.

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