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The data for the various issues covered in the Dashboard has been collected with a specific focus (but not only) on vulnerable groups for the unit of our data collection--blocks and selected ward clusters (in bigger cities). As part of this effort, “vulnerable groups” are taken to be the most economically distressed groups in the corresponding unit. In the initial calls with Block Experts, we had detailed discussions to understand and map the incidence and spatial diversity of such groups in the block / ward cluster. Understandably, each unit often has multiple such groups geographically dispersed within it. For example, in Sagar block, South 24 Parganas District, West Bengal, the most distressed groups at present are: (i) among inland farmers, farmers engaged in cultivation of betel-leaf who have taken loans for cultivation and now are not able to find a market for their produce due to breakdown of the supply-chain;  (ii) farmers engaged in cultivation of vegetables, for similar reasons; and, (iii) labourers in coastal areas of the block who are engaged in repairs of fishing equipment and accessories.


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